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Strauss Pile Service

Strauss Pile Service

CV. Purnomo Bore Pile Indonesia is a provider of strauss pile foundation services at low prices. Strauss pile foundation, also known as bored pile or cast-in-place pile foundation, is a type of deep foundation that uses concrete piles cast directly at the construction site. This foundation is often

Strauss Pile Contracting Services

Strauss Pile Contracting Services

CV Purnomo Bore Pile Indonesia.<br>We are an experienced drilling contractor for over a dozen years supported and assisted<br>Manpower specialists mastered in the field with a solid team work tompang then the work becomes practical and fast and can be completed in a timely manner with quality

Strauss Pile Foundation Contractor

Strauss Pile Foundation Services

For those who need Strauss Pile Foundation Service providers to build houses, shop houses, hotels, towers, fences, or others, CV. Purnomo Bore PIle Indonesia is the answer to your needs. Please contact us to get the best price quote without reducing the quality and quantity in the process. Valid for all regions in Indonesia with prices adjusted to the region and coverage.

One of the construction methods that are carried out without the aid of machine tools. Maybe you've heard of or applied it in several types of buildings. This method is often chosen for the quality of the concrete so that it is more preserved. One type of foundation that is suitable for housing, shop houses, and other buildings is a strauss pile foundation. This foundation can perfectly support various buildings. This type of foundation is also suitable for various soil conditions.

Strauss Pile Foundation Application

- Hard ground conditions or at about 2 meters below ground level.
- Soft soil conditions up to a depth of 6 meters.
- Hard soil conditions with a depth of more than 10 meters from the ground.
- Hard soil conditions at a depth of more than 20 meters from the ground.

Strauss Pile Foundation Work Method

- Work preparation
- Drilling
- Reinforcing
- Casting

Strauss Pile Foundation Calculation

The calculation for making a foundation using the strauss pile technique varies, depending on the type of project. In addition, this calculation also takes into account several things, namely as follows.
- Diameter and depth of cast holes.
- Soil conditions, whether soft or dry. Dry soil conditions certainly require excessive energy, it can even be done up to 4 people per manual tool.

Strauss Pile Foundation Price

The price of Strauss Pile foundation is relatively cheap compared to other foundation prices. Besides being affordable, this foundation is also fast in its work. Even so, the speed of making this foundation does not only depend on the amount of power and tools used. It also depends on the type of soil. If the soil conditions are soft, this foundation can be made faster. However, if the soil conditions are hard and the location is remote, the strauss pile foundation will take more time to build.

CV. Purnomo Bore PIle Indonesia is a provider of Strauss Pile Foundation Services who has long experience in this field. If you need Strauss Pile Foundation Services, please contact us, we are happy to help provide the best service.