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Purnomo Bore Pile Indonesia is a contractor in the field of Cheap Bore Pile Foundation Services with dozens of years of experience. Bore pile foundation is a type of deep foundation that uses cylindrical or hollow piles called bore piles.

This foundation is used to support heavy building structures or require additional strength. Bore piles are generally used when the soil conditions at the construction site have a low bearing capacity or the soil is soft which cannot properly support the load of the building.

Bore pile foundations are generally used in the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, or other large structures that require strong underground support.

As a provider of bore pile foundation services, our company is supported and assisted by a professional workforce of Drill Masters who are experts in their fields supported by a solid work team so that work becomes practical and fast and can be completed on time with quality assurance, adequate work equipment and management since the company was founded, so that the success of bore pile drilling so far can be completed well and at a low price so as to satisfy the customer.

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